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Dead butt syndrome, or gluteal amnesia, may sound funny, but, it’s a real thing. It can happen to people who sit a lot, but also to athletes and weekend warriors. Dead butt syndrome can lead to back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and even ankle pain. Here are more butt exercises:

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Butt Exercises (Gluteus Maximus):


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Doctor Jo is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.


Dead Butt Syndrome, aka Gluteal Amnesia:

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ratt pak says:

Very good i already feel it working thank you

filmy world says:

PLZZ help me mam

Carlo del mazo says:

This is an extremely helpful video, I got that problem and because deadlifting and squats my knee starting to hurt a lot, after going to the physiotherapist (I thought my knee was being problematic) it was because of the this same problem and need to activate the muscles before doing my routine and then the problem was solved and my knee stopped hurting because of this activation exercises, it’s a must if you are like me and have to be sitting most of the day in front of the computer and then go to the gym.

Christina Reynolds says:

Training the hip flexors will also help with knee pain

Aalekh Rasal says:

Do you need to work the glute max as well for this issue ?

Jenny Zarzuela says:

This is great. I'm going to try this and hoping it works.

EMV says:

I'm suffering from severe deadbutt syndrome, to the point that the muscle has atrophied.
What can I do to help my butt activate and my hamstring not do all the work. Because that is what is occurring, thanks!

Phrom Prong says:

Wow thank you for this video! And Btw I love your socks!

Fragrant Rivers says:

Great T-shirt! love your energy and so so my clients.

Shaine MacDonald says:

How often should you do these? Daily or is that too much?

Stephanie Azzopardi says:

THANK YOU!!! I was having issues with switching on my left glute and after doing these exercises (especially the first 3) I started to feel a burn again! Woohoo!!!

amal i says:

toooop thank u

Sibam Saha says:

At last I got what I needed. My left glute is dead whereas my right glute is working fine and has grown stronger. I had a bone tumour in my left femur which ate near about 70% bone of a specific place. After a surgery my tumour is removed and that place is fixed properly. But I had to stay in complete bedrest for several months which resulted in a dead left glute. I could actually feel it before locating the place but I wasn't sure. Thanks for your excercises. Love from India.

HumbolSkitso says:

Hi Doctor Jo, i found your video while on a search for morning stretches for back pain. Ive also found that i have extremely tight and immobile glutes. I can not sit on the floor without my back against something and ive never been able to sit cross legged even as a child. To make this short i tried alot of ur stretches and i noticed doing the laying leg raise in this video, the motion does not fire any glute muscle at all. I can fire it manually, like im able to easily clinch my glutes at anytime. But the leg raise its self, doesnt at all fire the glute for me, why is that?? My glutes fire easily with the clam shell movement. Thanks for the great video Doctor Jo

Dee Are says:

I have this issue. My physical therapist started me on these exercises right before my therapy ended two months ago. I seem to have no results yet. When should I be seeing results? I don't feel like my muscles are any stronger. I do at least 20 reps (or until I cant handle the burn anymore) 2x a day 5 days a week. Are there any other tips to help with muscle development? Should I be getting more protein than average, taking supplements, etc? I feel the burn in my butt with these exercises, but when I do other exercises like squats and deadlifts I only feel it in my legs so I know my butt still isn't firing up when it should. My legs are dominant.

Fadjreeah Rahmat says:

Butts on fayaaahh, thankyou!!

Abdul Mumin says:

I've watched 50+ vids but this is the most helpful

monee fe says:

thanks a lot how much can i do these exercise