Comparing 12 Different Glute Builders: What’s Really Best?!

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Inspiration for these exercises and for this video came from the these amazing people! Definitely check them out! 👇

“Glute Guy” Bret Contreras, Ph.D

Ashley Kaltwasser

Ended up doing a lot more than 12 exercises 🤷‍♀️
(* indicates the exercises I feel are worth doing, even though they are more difficult to setup, BUT try them all for yourself and see what works best for you!)

1.Traditional Hip Thrust
vs. Feet Elevated Hip Thrust *
vs. Knee + Hip Banded Hip Thrust *

2. Machine Hamstring Curl
vs. Nordic Curl *

3. Reverse Hack Squat
vs. Knee + Hip Banded Reverse Hack Squat **

4. Single Leg Hip Thrust *
vs. B Stance Hip Thrust

5. Machine Hip Abduction
vs. Knee Banded Machine Abduction *

6. Goblet Squat
vs. Heel Raised Goblet Squat *
vs Knee Banded Goblet Squat
vs. Heel Raised + Knee Banded Goblet Squat*

7. RDL
vs Split Stance RDL*

8. Glute Bridge
Frog Pumps *
Frog Thrusts
Banded Glute Bridges *
Feet Elevated Glute Bridges
Banded Feet Elevated Glute Bridges *

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AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!

Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

Amanda Keister says:

Do more 😊

Lightbringer says:

All that work and still flat ass..

Julia Primavera says:

The gym I go to has a special elevated hip thrusts machine.

Aliza Hussain says:

Does anyone know where her leggings are from?

kimberly juarez says:

The Nordic hamstring curls are the best I’ve never felt my hamstrings more

Arijit Sinha says:

Yep you are right mam.. People were staring at me while performing the bridge or frog pump.. ..

FashionLoveSmile says:

Disney needs to hire you and put you in a movie. You look like a Disney Princess.

King David says:

I came here for…uh…scientific reasons

Carey Anne's Corner says:

Fucking LOVE this video!!! Thank you so much!

Lialany Louw says:

What colour eyeshadow are you using?

Suus Hermeler says:

What kind of weight are the dumbels in the hip trust knee banded / hip band version? I really like to try this!

Paulina Puelma says:

Very helpful video! What brand are the sneakers you wear for these exercises? Thank you!

Donatella De Patre says:

Hip thrust is the best i agree. Use high load!

Tobias Saaby says:

Would adding a band not just put more pressure on the gluteus medius (in hip thrust and squat variants)? It just seems to me that all it does is force you to actively abduct in your hip.
What is your take in this? 🙂


You should do ones without equipment and to see if they’re still are effective

Rene says:

2:18 that face

Merch Para says:

Came here cuz I thought the video thumb was fake, meaning how could a
butt be so perfect 🤔and found Ms Buttermore hahhahaha

Gaya says:

I'm trying frog pump

Kyra de la Fuente says:

This was amazingly researched and edited- you’re awesome Stephanie, thank you for all of your hard work!!

Kyra de la Fuente says:

I do body weight b stand hip thrusts for glute activation! I had a visible imbalance in my glutes and I feel like these in addition to other modifications is helping me to balance them out!

Amber Balfe says:

Try some nike volleyball pads for nordic curl

Sandra Leal says:

Love love love this video 😍💕🍑. Thanks for your research. Looks like we all have the same goals 🍑🍑🍑

Ajid T says:

Thanks for this so much. I think I love you lol. But don’t tell your bf & I wont tell mine 🤫😂😂😂. Loved the compare and contrast. It was very useful so thanks again luv

Xxxx Xxxx says:

Video actually start at 2:48

brianna nelson says:

What brand of bands are you using on the machine abduction?

Domitilla Morris says:

traditional hip trust by frog pump: what about that?

nayeli nunez says:

Hey this is a very personal question but is it bad to workout during a menstruation

Ronja Sebastian says:

Insane. Thank you for this breakdown!! Suuuuuper helpful + incorporating a bunch of tweaks from this vid in the gym starting NOW 💋😊

Stephanie Buttermore says:

HELLOOOO my loves!!! I wanted to make this video a bit more fun and quirky, so I hope you like this style of presentation! Let me know what you think and if you think I should do more of these type of "comparison" videos of different exercises! 👇 Make sure to check out the description box for a list of all the exercises 👆, as well as everything else I mention. I love you guys so much! Let the glute gains begin!! 😘🍑🔥