Buttock Workout – Butt and Thigh Workout – Buttocks Workout with Weighs

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Get an intense lower body workout at home. Nicole focuses on squeezing the glute muscles to get them firing. If you need a bigger you need to exhaust the glute muscles. Nicole’s glute workouts are just what the doctor recommends, intense, and effective! For best results use a pair of weights that make last 2 reps challenging. Burn 170–220 Calories.

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Angelica Gomez says:

You're killing me Nicole!

You're killing me….

You….are …..killing…..me…..

Is all I could get out during this workout
Thank you again Nicole. You are a doll 🙂

Wronski ASMR says:

Did this with 10lb weights. I am dripping sweat and my legs are wobbling!

Aida Najafi says:

You are amazing!! Much ❤️

Daniel Cercas Garcia says:

I did the first series because I trained with other video from Victoria Kay, tomorrow i will train with this video thank you very much, nice video

Trinigirl says:

How often a week should this be done?

marotiem says:

OMG! Nicole, I am so loving your butt workouts. Thank you, thank you thank you!

beautifulsoul says:

Ive done various squat workouts but this was intense! I will definitely be saving this video to my playlist

Roma Xavier says:

Renier Pollard and Nicole, please do a workout video together. I switch back and forth with your workout videos, both of you are amazing, so genuine.

Heart you both:)

Tracia Henry says:

Can you please do a video for inner thigh toning, thxs

Fabn40s says:

Beautiful yard!!!

Diana Larisa says:

You are so so pretty. And I enjoyed working out with you. 💛

Eternal Blissed says:

Pain!! Wonderful booty growing pain! Thank you <3
Love your workouts hope to see more of your videos added here soon

La Simelane. says:

Been doing this workout for so long.I did before I got pregnant,through out my pregnancy with modifications and I'm still doing it now after giving birth but it still burns every time.Great workout and thank you.

Caroline Agunbiade says:

Nicole is the butt queen, she's good at what she does. Thanks you guys💞

Nilay Bulgur says:

I did this workout with 13lbs dumbells and im telling ya THIS WAS INTENSE I WAS SWEATING SINCE 2:00

Shenile White says:

God Nichol I work right through I'm really getting stronger Thank you very much

Alpina YT says:

Do you think it‘s better to fo this without weights when you‘re just starting out?

Reva G says:

I've been doing this routine along with my gym workout and I went to visit my BFF she said "girl you got on a booty pad " I almost died! Hell I had to go take a look at my butt! And yes, it's definitely working!!!

Adrian Nicole says:

kicks my ass everytime !!

Karen Ford says:

This is a great workout!!! I did this and could barely sit for 3 days straight…4th day did this work-out again and it was much easier the second time around. Love Nicole's workouts!

Shenile White says:

Wow first time doing it Nichole I'm feeling the burn love you Gymra I bet you think I stopped working out no I didn't toodles