Butt Workout with Ankle Weights – Glute Workout for Better Butt

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In this intermediate fast pace butt workout with optional ankle weights you’ll begin by a 3 minute warm up. Standing exercises will take about 9 minutes followed by 10 minutes of floor exercises prior to a cool down.

Complete details for this workout: https://www.gymra.com/instaview/VPuhwWJuIZo
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กุลดา บุษราภรณ์ says:

Can use bend instend?

1968odisea says:

I like you very much Josephine you are great kisses from México

Oya Ergenç says:

Hi! I love it. Thanks

sylvie rudler says:

J'ai adoré, merci, merci.

Michelle Ducharme says:

Did this today and the burn was so good! LOVE ankle weights please do more routines with them!

Chahrazed says:

Amazing workout. Cant wait to try it

Inna м says:


Ntash Ali says:

This is great and good workout😘❤️💪🏼💦

fabiana a says:

Josephine 😍😍😍

tyrone bachu says:

Always an awesome burn once Ms. Rene leads the routine. 💪

Somerton Elliott says:

As I don't currently have ankle weights, I tried it without. Great combination of balancing and muscle pumping. Will re-visit, possibly with weights.

Preeta Shetty says:

I Like the butt exercise thanks a lots😄

Preeta Shetty says:

Hi can you do more leg and butt exercises for 45 minutes

mo shan says:

wowwww..very very good workout! well done Josephine.