Butt Lift & Trim Inner Thighs Workout, Home Fitness Routine, 30 Minutes

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Butt lift & Slim Thighs Tone Up At Home 20 Minute Workout

Wanting toned glutes or a Brazilian bubble butt? Dena can help! This 20 minute workout routine targets the glute muscles to lift, tone and shape the glutes. Ready to lose an insane amount of fat at home…? Ready… set… GO!

To see photos from Dena’s Bikini Model Competition, Visit her Website:

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Kenny Benny says:

This video makes me touch my dong!

Elena M says:

I think this tan looks very nutural

taoist40 says:

She lost a lot of muscle. That's too bad.

Evan Faraday says:

She's back!

Cassius May says:

Can you just do the squats through the entire video 😜

etong2002001 says:

Dena has lovely eyes.

Stanzavik says:

9:36 225 lbs is her boyfriend's weight. A sexy reference that almost escaped unnoticed.

GotSomeRope says:

just did this. felt great! thanks for posting!

Chevon Excl. says:

Deena reminds me so much of JWoww

Shell Bell says:

Great exercises! I do them every other day – I'm not just another hornball checking out your goods! 🙂 Here's my constructive feedback: love the exercises and within a couple of weeks I got me a fine looking bubble butt. Love it. Critical feedback: because I do it so often I am really tired of hearing about your tan and your hair. I think talking about the results or giving some motivational talk would do better – especially on repeat!

Gucci Rubi says:

Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?

Alexis Kraus says:

I love Dena's videos! Her voice gives me ASMR and she says humorous things along the way so that I am distracted from the fact that I'm actually working out! It makes the workout more enjoyable! I like that bit about the pizza and everyone's house having a wall!

Darin says:

i am so frustrated! i like the exercises but i mean with these talks about hair and tan, i can not listen to it everyday if i want to repeat those exercises 🙁
your workout is awesome
so please you do not need to fill the air with words all the time!

40gramsofProtein says:

thats what you call pins. hottest girl on youtube in a good min!

Darin says:

how can i use your video again and again? do i have to hear the same talk about your hair and tan? it is not very professional to talk personal stuff on a workout video if you care about it being watched more than once! but thanks, those are some good exercises (mines the constant talking :p )

western raven says:

you are the cutest i love doing your workouts