Butt Exercises | My Top 5 Exercises To Grow a Bigger Butt

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Butt Exercises / My top 5 exercises to grow a bigger butt

In this video, I will teach you the glute exercises that I did to grow a bigger butt. These are the best bum exercises that I have found to put mass on my booty. No more looking at other people with huge butt, grow your own here. I will also teach what foods to feed your booty with!

Want more videos to grow your booty? watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afghBre8NlI

NIkita Mukhanov says:

great video girl! keep it up

Sarah Dhillon says:

Love this video! Im so into fitness would love to connect

Angie Sanchez says:

Thank you! Thank you! So needed this to mix in new booty workouts in addition to my elliptical routine that can get very boring. 🙂

Kajana Club says:

Thanks for the video. 🙂

isitebuild says:

I don't need a bigger butt but enjoyed the video

Katarina H. says:

You are funny! Great video. Carbs are not the devil! I will remember that.

Chance C says:

Can you do a transformation video if you happen to have any before pics. I enjoy watching them for my motivation and i would looove to see yours!

Kendall White says:

Love your hair:)

Yvonne G says:

sharing this with my friend! a blessing 💕

Jenergy Fitness says:

Thank you for watching! leave a comment and let me know your best booty tips!