Bri's 8-Minute Booty Blaster

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Tone up your inner core and glutes with Bri’s quick routine!

Please do not do anything that is painful or uncomfortable. Feeling challenged by an exercise is good, but PAIN is not! As always, consult your healthcare provider or trained fitness professional before beginning this or any other exercise program.

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All forms of exercise pose some inherent risks, particularly exercise done independently without individualized supervision from a qualified fitness trainer or healthcare professional. Due to the nature of video instruction, FemFusion Wellness LLC advises readers/viewers to take full responsibility for their safety and to know their personal limits. *Stop if you experience faintness, dizziness, pain, or shortness of breath.*

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Fitting MORE MOVEMENT into your day not only increases energy, improves your mood, boosts strength, and tones your body, it has also been shown to prevent chronic illness such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes (to name just two common conditions). Movement breaks will help you fit MORE FITNESS into your day. Do a little bit a lot, and see how good you can feel!

FemFusion Fitness: Eat clean. Move every day. Shine brighter!

FemFusion Fitness says:

If you do strengthening exercises your bottom can get more muscular, which should make it look more perky and perhaps more "round" — which is a good thing!!!

micheco lynn says:

thanks ! im trying out your routine hope it works !

Aryan Daryan says:

your butt only gets bigger when you eat alot of fat and calories and sit on your butt all day…(like me) this will work your muscles which burn fat so you tone….i m here to start my toning..glad for the post

Aryan Daryan says:

go easier on the depth of the sqats or the amount and work up to it if your legs are jelly afterwards….you will benefit. drink plenty of water as well and short walks(10-20 min) should help too

Sarita Q says:

does this workout help to reduce the cellulite?

GinaL514 says:

awesome! this is precise and effective! keep up the great work!

Mike_fpvDrone says:

@fawrbhb yes. When i was working out hard to make muscles my senior guys did not tell me about this method. btw! If you want something that builds huge muscle which showed me exactly what i was doing wrong. The video is public now. Have a look >>

shinebox0406 says:

hell yeah it's a good thing

bob tropper says:

you shouldnt pass ur toes ;c thats bad for joints> great vid though

olinabeautii says:

How often do you recommened doing this a week? Everyday? Twice a week? do you suggest doing cardio aswell? Thank you for the video!

FemFusion Fitness says:

Hey there! I recommend doing the video 2-3 times/week. Balance out the booty exercises with an abdominal strengthening video (I have some on my channel) 2-3 days/week.
Add 20-30 minutes of cardio 5 days/week, and EAT CLEAN, and you should see great results!

miami2468 says:

Damn this burns

Billa Raj says:

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Deep” to me connotes intellectual rigor, not fashionable obscurity or the unnecessarily academic.

lars heimlich heimlich says:

Love the voice + pretty face + hot butt…..

Michelle Prull says:

I thought I had done all of your videos but I hadn’t seen these originals. Since we will be seeing less of you I decided to play through all the videos in order. This should be interesting 🤣