Booty Pump Workout 👍🏼10 mins Booty Burn | Hourglass Program

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This is episode 3 of my new Hourglass Program. This 10 min booty workout is going to target and activate your glute muscles. This workout is short but you’ll definitely feel the burn. Feel free to add ankle weights or resistance bands to this workout.

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Full schedule:
Episode 1 – Small Waist Round Butt –
Episode 2 – Muffin Top Workout –
Episode 3 – Booty Burn – This Video
Episode 4 – Booty & Legs – Releases 9th July

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bitch tf says:

I did an ab workout and now this one and there’s sweat dripping into my mouth

jvptherealmvp says:

Day 19 down 😅😅 legs and butt are burning after today’s workout 🏋️‍♀️

Anam Tauqir says:

How do you work this workout? I mean are we supposed to do one episode a day?

Rose Rose says:

I am on day 3 of your Summer Schred program and I am going to finish it!!!! Chloe, you are my motivation 💛

Ana Palacio says:

I just started doing these and im loving the music!! Idk why it keeps me going 😂😂

Sunset says:

oh chloe, just as great as always! thank you so much for your hard work, never stop uploading 💓

THE_ fIˁHy says:

Can you give me a sport program?

owl 501 says:

I had to pause maybe twice to take a extra 10 second break and get water but I think if I keep doing it everyday I will eventually have it. My goal is to do one a day at least along with my regular boxing

Phusanisa Thongjun says:

I am going to trying harder

Maya says:

This one was the easiest video so far!!!!!

Itzel Cortés says:

Day 24! I’m almost at the end of the hourglass: booty and abs program 💪🏻

LA says:

If any of you guys are doing day 19 right now, you’ll know how today is a day for the BOOTY

Jexyz says:


Chloe Ting says:

Woohoooo! who's ready for that booty pump?? 🍑