Booty & Legs Workout | Bikini Body Challenge – Week 1 | Vicky Justiz

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Hey loves! Here is the booty and leg workout for week 1 of the Bikini Body Challenge. Remember to repeat this circuit 3x total for the full workout! Shop the Womens Best sportswear collections: Thank you for your support babes!!

don’t forget to do a quick warm up before starting the routine! (Recommendation – 30 jumping jacks, 30 high knees, 30 butt kicks, 30 body weight squats)
1 minute of side to side crab walks
Rest 30 seconds
1 minute fire hydrants on one side
Rest 30 seconds
1 minute fire hydrants other side
Rest 30 seconds
1 minute Squat to a kick back, alternating
Rest 30 seconds
1 Bouncing lunge to kick back ( no rb, weight optional )
Rest 30 seconds
Other side
Rest 30 seconds
1 minute Calf raises (different kinds)
Repeat the whole cycle x3

(adjust to your lifestyle as needed)
Mondays: Booty & Legs *video released*
Tuesdays: Rest
Wednesdays: Abs + Upper Body *video released*
Thursdays: Cardio / HIIT workout of your choice (my recommendation:
Fridays: Booty & Legs *REPEAT Monday’s video*
Saturdays: Abs + Upper Body *REPEAT Wednesday’s video* & optional cardio
Sundays: Rest


Resistance Bands: or or




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Sherry Dufrenne says:

Oh my goodness, you’re so damn adorable in this video. I love how this struggling is going on because then it shows us that yeah it’s a hard work out and we can do it I love the way you were talking your way through it and talking us through it thank you so much for the video I love it.

Ainsley Streeter says:

9:33 he thought he’d be out of shot😂

Fatima Lubayna786 says:

нι ωєи ι ∂σιи ∂ιѕ ι ¢αит кєєρ му ¢σяє тут 🤷‍♂️☺️

Kiara White says:

Yas, getting fit all 2019! 💪🏾👏🏾#Fit4life

Cynthia Smith says:

@vickyjustiz HOLY 🔥. Not only am I out of breath but the BURN JUST FEELS SO DAMN GOOD. Can not wait for the upper body/abs tomorrow. Thank you so much for making these videos even when sick. 💞💞👌🏼🙏🏼

sophie sophie says:

I’m watching this as I’m eating hot Cheetos & I 32 oz coke

Zainab Baig says:

Literally been watching u since day 1 and been my first ever Inspo. Love how u workout the full exercise and fill time with us. Also which is the upper body and abs video can’t find it? 🥰❤️

Emma Crisan says:

Would you consider yourself the hourglass type ? If not what body shape do you feel like you have? I’m a square literally lol

Daniela Martinez says:

Does this help your legs get toned???

vibrantlife 365 says:

3 times ?! ☠️

kaia may says:

does this work w out the supplements or weights

African Beaut says:

Idk y I sweat more on legs than I do when I work out for the rest of my body

baby m says:

@vicky Justiz If I wanna get skinny lean arms like a model….. could I do 1 set and 50 reps with 2 pounds

Rebecca Howie says:

I hope there is some cardio with this series too, I'm pumped!!! I love how she talks us through it and literally sounds like I am thinking to myself!!! I'm like,"why is this so much harder??" Can't breathe, pushing myself like crazy!!! But she looks fantastic and I want to look like that!!!

Ashley Johnson says:

I definitely need all colors. BOMB AF🙌🏽♥️♥️

ovejaraquel93280 says:

Almost finished the 3rd set…..was dying!

Evelyn Calderon says:

Can you clarify “put your weight on your heels”? Is there a certain position, like bending your knees when your squat.

Elan Monique says:

Love you and your workouts for normal folk. We have similar body types, so it feels as if your workouts are catered for me!
You’re so close to a Milly subs!

Godzillas1992 says:

Hey Babes? I'm the only Male here?

N T says:

You don’t get enough credit! Your workouts actually WORK! I’ve tried tons of other workout plans and none of them have given me progress in such a short time as yours have! Even my husband noticed my ass is much plumper as if it’s fake lol keep doing what you’re doing!

Ntash Ali says:

Thank you so much 💗was great

Kierra Rhodes says:

Just finished! I can't wait to keep this challenge going! #BBC

Myra Gracie Delgado says:

Paola Herrera is recommending your channel so here I am. You’re beautiful by the way 👍

Sam Gaines says:

She's HILARIOUS but real 😂😂😂

Sam Gaines says:

I'm sorry butt in dying laughing. She's so funny and REAL. I love 💘 it

Eden McGrain says:

Oh my gosh I was just about to comment and ask for a weekly workout!!! So happy right now💪🏼

sariebou says:

Completed!!! Wow thank you!! Can’t wait to see the results!

Molly Cardwell-Dray says:

9:33 look at the wall to the right

Simone Mbatha says:

So doing this.💋