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Diverse says:

Steve defs hitting that

Hybrid Theory says:

She actually has really good technique during these movements.

Stanley Dela Cruz says:

They are like robots doing weird things outside. haha

Tiffany C says:

My knees popped 10 times per minute watching you guys on the stairs

jeremy robinson says:

I laughed way more than I should’ve when he said “my ass is gonna hurt so bad tomorrow” 😂😂😂😂😂

Vincent Otano says:

Imagine just waking up and looking outside your door and seeing Chris and his friends just destroying your stairs

Swoldier Nation says:

the ratio for girls getting plastic surgery nowadays is crazy High….

Betsy L says:

I never understood women wearing full face makeup for workouts?

cody bunker says:

She's quite gorgeous.

Mateusz Wiśniewski says:

Dat training 😂

ThePeddle says:

Please tell me you got behind that peach later……

Emma Cisar says:

Steve’s quads are beautiful. I want to see how he trains them each week.

Happy Hour says:

Bird is hot

Rattletop says:

I actually found this hilarious. Right from the small talk during the warmup to the final posing technique – "People are looking at us!"

Daniel Penrod says:

Her single leg jumps versus Steve’s made me laugh so hard. Steve’s form brought me right back to football conditioning when I’d do that same exact form. A random, but accurate sign that somebody was forced to go through bleacher Hell back in the day haha

SSDestiny says:

Didn't she come out in buffs dudes?!

The kustom Knight says:

Suzy galas sister lol god dayyyuuum I'm hungry now lol

Kage ! says:

Steve, I broke my arm but I cant bear the thought of being out the gym for months. Are there workout that you could perhaps suggest?

KJ McIntosh says:

She’s good for you man, you’re still my hero.

Shashank Thakre says:

Can we see again a video of calum with you.

Mike DeLong says:

Welp now I need to go hit leg day

Vegaman says:

Well helllllo Whitney. Welcome to Swoldier Nation.

Jenne Craftytatlady says:

Nothing butt 🤣😂😻

Jason Faulkner says:

3:00 no stanky leg reference Steve come on!!!