Body By Ballet Workout: Legs, Glutes & Inner Thighs, 10 Minute At Home Barre Sculpt Class w. Kristin

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Tone your lower body & core as you move through the full range of motion of the hips. This hip mobility is essential for dancers & gymnasts!
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Naseema Allam says:

The was nothing you just show us your leg

rio raj says:

Nice nd your looking so pretty ..
…new here ..

EmmaAppleBerry says:

Ugh the gross comments on this are disappointing but unfortunately not surprising…

karla T says:

Yeahhhhhhh!! 😃

SeaMonkey137 says:

Got here from watercolor illustration videos, and just had to try that first stretch with the leg swinging out. Not my smartest move today. Newfound appreciation for the physicality of ballet.

Alexis Kraus says:

The hardest part was trying not to kick anything in my bedroom!

Steve181 says:

she's gorgeous

mista says:

well unfortunately this is not a ballerina body….

neanderthals navel says:

Respect to the ballerinas.

kargarath over9000 says:

She has some amazing legs

mela dance says:

Deine Knie sind teilweise nicht durchgestreckt beim rond, füße mehr ins auswärts, check mal deine Positionen der Händ und vom Becken. Nimmst du keinen Unterricht?