Bikini Butt Workout 3: Best Tone & Lift Exercises! At Home 20 Minute Beginners Workout

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Bikini Butt Workout 3: Best Tone & Lift Exercises! At Home 20 Minute Beginners Workout

Dena Maddie gives you a follow along at home workout to help lift your butt and slim your thighs in this 20 minute routine. This routine is Part 3 of a Bikini Model Glute Series that will give you the best exercises for glute and thigh toning!

To see photos from Dena’s Bikini Model Competition, Visit her Website:

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losarih etze says:

Mike tayson voice

Clarence Paul says:

"All butts are bikini butts" says the social justice warrior.

Nadine Valadez says:

Loved this video, can you do an abs video?

YouAreNotFree says:

Straight leg deadlifts will work your ass nicely. I've still got doms from my leg session 2 days ago.

meatwad74 says:

Dena looked Muuuch sexier when she was more muscular . She looks a little too thin and weak now . But that's just me

Alexis Kraus says:

Nothing wrong with small, white butts, Dena!  Mine is little and stark white, haha!

jan jen says:

Am I the only one who this 60 fps looks funny? It looks too smooth if you know what I mean… Like a video game or something.

xdinglemeyerx says:

Where's part 4? Dena's workouts are probably the best on here because cuteness aside, they seem practical if that makes sense. I do these on cardio days.

Mud and Chocolate says:

Love the strength stretch combo