Bikini Butt Workout 2: Tone & Lift! 20 Minute At Home Beginners | Bikini Model Glute Series

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Bikini Butt Workout 2: Tone & Lift! 20 Minute At Home Beginners | Bikini Model Glute Series

In this 20 minute video, Dena Maddie gives you a follow along at home workout to help lift your butt and slim your thighs! This routine is Part 2 of a Bikini Model Glute Series that will give you the best exercises for glute and thigh toning!

To see photos from Dena’s Bikini Model Competition, Visit her Website:

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MadWillyLove says:

You should do that with a bikini on so we can see how good it works….

bone less says:

@seanlaca No @Cindie Corbin? She's my second after @Dena Maddie

BitTrip Runner says:

Thank you for this video. Can I brush your hair? : )

Richard Dingo says:

Great video Dena. Can't wait for your youtube channel debut. : )

Holypikemanz says:

I want you to say, "suffering succotash"

Asma Aziz says:

Thnx for the video!!

Cayo255 says:

a bikini workout should be done in a bikini

Alexis Kraus says:

I like Avril Lavigne's butt, because she's petite like I am!

Anna Hammond says:

had to pause to tell u i fell on my face at 20:10. I have no balance at all in that way. But having fun.

Charlie Wallace says:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dena!

Jesusname71 says:

Wow what a sexy Body.;-)

Gerta Ylli says:

I love your videos Dena, especially the stretching ones. thank you

Christina says:

This was very helpful, especially the stretches. I've been doing similar moves for a while, but the stretches make them a bit easier. Great video, and you are a fantastic instructor. You have a very realistic/healthy body goal for an average person like me 🙂

Karen Day says:

Great moves and love the instructions too!