Best Butt Workout Ever with NO WEIGHTS!

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Best Butt Workout Ever with NO WEIGHTS!

Tiger Fitness

Billy Physique says:

Cautiously first

Hass Aface says:

I like mini vans
But seriously you look incredible

Jonathan Jones says:

Honestly thought he said minivans. I’m a Toyota Sienna man myself so let’s see if he agrees.

kostas menelaos says:

Sexy butt! I'd love to be your toilet and eat your shit sir

Gerardo Ortiz says:

Bro stop with the roids

Matt Gould says:

Best butt workout: prison

Jakub Wierzbowski says:

Bullet for my Valentine – Your Betrayal #fyi

FAnimaniac says:

Give me a mini band

Wes W says:

Is Operation Dadbod over/ dead?

Justin Thompson says:

Just headbanging singing BFMV watching a butt workout

Aliodor says:

the best butt workout ive had was working as a order picker in a warehouse , ive lifted so many boxes i couldnt feel my legs and lower back