Beginners Yoga for Glutes & Weight Loss | 20 Minute Home Workout to Tone & Shape Legs Routine

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Beginners Yoga for Glutes & Weight Loss | 20 Minute Home Workout to Tone & Shape Legs, Exercise Routine

Sanela’s yoga flow to build strength in the legs and help you lose weight. While this routine is fairly gentle at first, it will melt away fat and build strength!! This yoga flow is effective for all levels to tone and tighten the legs, core and full body.

Sanela teaches private yoga lessons and classes in Austin.

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swiftie 13 says:

Can I do this during my periods? answer please xx

Dick Power says:

Ružna bošnjačka poturčena bulešika. Baš si gadna.

Elijah Murray says:


Lulu Huitrón says:

Love It! I'm a lover yoga now <3

Purposefully Billie says:

That was awesome. This is my first day on my yoga journey. I'm looking to become one with myself and losing weight toning and flexibility would be a plus. If you have any tips or suggestions that might help me with my journey I would appreciate it.

Lurline Singh says:

Quite happy with this weight loss green store tea. I took them for 6 weeks and along with a controlled diet and a little exercise I saw some pretty good results. A special thanks goes to the customer service which managed to deliver me with plenty of information about this product.

Belinda Hopkins says:

I wish I had run into the “fizy unique plan” years ago as i was dieting for my wedding. I truly could have done with burning off 14 pounds back then. You should check it out on google!

Peke's Repose says:

now this is a woman who practices what she preaches, unlike so many others on this channel. strong, confident and seemingly trying not to laugh at the clowns in the room. great video 🏅🏅🏅🏅

Karma_Clover says:

I've never really done yoga before and thought I'd try it for a change of pace. I'm glad I did. This was both relaxing and challenging, I really felt it in my arms. Thank you so much! 🙂

Alexis Kraus says:

I never realized how long Sanela's feet were!

Sandy D. says:

My legs are on fire! I love it! 😊

Mercedes Brann says:

Hi Sanela, thank you for the workout video. This Workout help me. It's my first time try this workout. Namaste.

Irta Grinceviciene says:

Will this flow help to reduce cellulite?

Neffertiti James says:

Best yoga instructor ever!!!!!!

PsycheTruth says:

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