Beginners Ballet Workout for Core Strength, Abs, Belly Fat, Body Toning Exercises, 20 Minute Fitness

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Beginners Ballet Workout for Core Strength, Abs, Belly Fat, Body Toning Exercises, 20 Minute Fitness

Follow along with Kait to tone the abs and core, reduce belly fat and build strength in the entire body. Great for beginners with or without ballet experience– learn the basics and get a ballerina body!

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Pixel_Geist says:

Thanks for the upload, Great to see you again, the workout wasnt too difficult, but I do struggle with upper body routines.

benita1009 says:

Enjoyed the workout in a elegant and peaceful way! Please keep upload more yoga with ballet move!

Elijah Murray says:

Kait is soooooooooooooo awesome

holistic79 says:

This reminds me of when I had help from the Royal Ballet. Nice workout.

Markeeta M says:

question: is there a video on what foods to eat to help flatten the stomach?

SIXXX 66 says:

damn swim suit

The One Who Knocks says:

I would destroy you in a fist fight

Tezcax says:

She should be one of the massage models. Great body

Mrgazza55555 says:

Freaking great outfit girl! God bless you @13:41

Ned says:

More videos of her please.

Guy Trent says:

Will you be my girlfriend?

A. B. says:

Très bon! Court & efficace! Bonnes explications! Merci beaucoup!

Vitória M. Manto says:

your body is so beautiful!!

Kalika Redman says:

I love Kait & the ballet inspired workouts she has on this channel. Would love for her to host more of them. 🙂 Possibly upper body/back maybe?

Toby Wigley says:

look for Unflexal service to learn how to workouts rightly.

Eddie Walker says:

Back in high school, there was a girl in my class that sorta looked like her. We was in gym class one day and she challenged that she could lift me up with both of her feet. She laid on her back, had both legs up, squat them down so I could lay my chest on her feet. She lifted me up high and this video reminds me of her. The only difference is that the girl had on tennis shoes while this lady is barefooted.

Adriana Morales says:

just what my body was seeking.  Loved your video. You are awesome and my body thanks you. Had a myomectomy, a year later I had a partial hysterectomy…my abs are so weak, tried other types of workouts but my body didn't resonate with them. Glad I found your video!

cristiscu says:

any other guy actually here for ballet? 😉

Tami - Z says:

My wish is for many more Kait Coats videos.

lorraine peluso says:

Fabulous instructor

Pilates With Hannah says:

This is actually Pilates movements 🙂 thanks for sharing! 💚

PsycheTruth says:

Want more? Check out Psychetruth Plus, 100's of videos not on youtube: