BEGINNER GYM BUTT WORKOUT | my first gym vlog

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i didnt mean for this vid to be so short BUT heres a beginner gym butt workout vlog 🙂 when i get stronger again and more used to the gym i’ll film an intermediate butt routine using the smith machine and whatnot

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Leah TheSouLFlwR says:

Emily i have a huge favor ! 🌸💕

Sparkly Onion Rings says:

Just signed up for planet fitness too, I really want to be healthier and loose weight.

Jorge Luis says:

great vlog Emily!

Mary Peña says:

when you know exactly what planet fitness she is at hahaha so cool to see somewhere from around me

Mary Peña says:

Loved the video btw!!!!!!!

Julieta Medina says:

you're so close to 200K ❤❤

thelisteningg says:


Rabia Miah says:

hey where did u get your ring light from and from where ?

Ada Kretkowska says:

After watching the whole video I was purely shocked how strong you are and then I realised that the weight was in lbs not kg …
I am stupid ok

Yasmin says:

Where did u get ur workout clothes from??? So cuteeee especially the shirt

Kathleen Gonzalez says:

Did the same work out as you and I’m still sore:(((

gosh daɴg says:

is tatiana russian? just wondering bc that's my babushka's name :p

Patricia Suquilanda says:

Unexpected videos are lit lol

Luz Perez says:

I go to the same gym on Steinway lmfao 😭

veronica G. says:

Thanks for the tea today

Katy Serpas says:

So great you have Tatiana with you, in my house nobody is consistent and I hate working out or going to the gym alone.

Sean Paley says:

Most of her exercises lacked proper technique and range of motion, anyone with a hint of knowledge within the fitness scene would have picked up on that straight away. I’m not hating but it’s good to point these things out so that she can learn and grow her knowledge rather then just giving her appraisal for what was clearly a poor training session.