Are you Suffering from WEAK Glutes with Gluteus Maximus Gait?

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Strength Coach Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS explains what gluteus maximus gait is and 3 exercises you can start doing TODAY to help alleviate this issue and build a stronger, rounder butt.

Have you ever heard of Gluteus Maximus Gait before? Are you suffering from this problem that you didn’t even know you had in the first place? Even if you’re training your glutes with squats and lunges and other “leg” exercises, you could still be suffering from this problem.

You may be training the lower body like crazy and still have weak, flat glute muscles. Many people training their glutes or butt muscles are constantly doing squats, lunges and a ton of other “leg-specific” exercises that are of course great exercises to do but aren’t necessarily the best at hitting and isolating the gluteal group.

You have 3 parts to your glutes; your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus extends the hip and allows our legs to rotate inward and outward which is essential for all lower body movement.

When you walk forward and stand up tall, that’s hip extension. When you step up stairs and straighten out, that’s hip extension. When you turn to the right, that’s external hip rotation and when you turn back in to go to the left, that’s internal hip rotation.

Walking, running, jogging or any kind of athletic movement would be impossible without functioning glute muscles.

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Shelly Pfluger says:

I learned a lot, thank you for the information.

Lucero Soriano says:

How many times a week should i do this?

TheTorrid1 says:

I am so glad I came across your channel today. Binging on your videos. Lol You are hitting all of the areas I need to rehabilitate due to a pedestrian accident. I had all of the muscle from my waist down atrophy and extensive neuropathy. It has been a lengthy healing a rebuilding process. If you could upload a video on how I can strengthen my calf muscles without doing calf raises that would awesome. The muscles in my feet and ankles are still extremely weak. I can't do calf raises. I cant even wiggle my toes yet on my right foot and barely can on my left. Building these little muscles has been pretty daunting due to my injuries.

ken says:

Will that straighten your pelvis out or is there other exercises for that?

theirishneilers says:

My right glute is too weak to do a single-leg glute bridge without the hamstring/lower back automatically taking over to do the work 🙁

Sarah McKenzie says:

I have a back problem when I lean toward the front too much. Is there a way to tell how I am walking? Forward? Bent over?

Michael O'Kane says:

I have been trying to figure out why my glutes are that strong. I walk keeping my back straight and tall. It takes strong will power to do that. I am very keen to acheiving the round butt. cheers

J. Berz says:

Women are so beautiful.

Brianna Holmberg says:

I didn’t think the clam shell would have the results it did! I didn’t even use a band and I can feel it!

Didi Dodi says:

Hehehe nice draw…

Letita Hall says:

Day 3
An I'm off to the next
If I can take it
I can make it 🔥👀💪

Letita Hall says:

Critical bench coach Brian
I am so sore and I do understand I have to keep moving
if I can take it I can make it thank you thank you thank you😆😂😅🔥🔥🔥💪💪👀

Letita Hall says:

I'm sore
Day 5

Letita Hall says:

Let's get it