Ankle Weight Butt Mat Workout – BARLATES BODY BLITZ Target 20 Glutes

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Welcome to the Target 20 series. You will target all your problem areas with 20 rounds of 60 second intervals. You will add extra equipment such as ankle weights, resistance bands and pilates ring to some of the exercises to increase the burn even more. The workouts are easy to follow, but tough to do. They require very little space and guarantee results if you do them on a regular basis.

In Target 20 Glutes you will perform 10 different exercises on each side. Using ankle weights to increase the challenge, you will see lots of different angle changes to get into every corner of those glutes, outer thighs and hips. There are all 4s glute raises, arcs, side kicks, hydrants, then front lying angled glute raises and extensions, clams, pretzel raises and more. The moves activate the core because of the different body positions so you will definitely feel those abs burn good too. There is a lengthening stretch at the end. Happy Burning!

Fitness level: intermediate/advanced
Equipment: ankle weights
Duration: 26 mins

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monroe444444 says:

I just love your cat. The look he gives you right at the beginning then goes back to his bath! Thank you for this, I look forward to trying it except I know your workouts are killer!