About For Books Anne Peckham Vocal Workouts For The Contemporary Singer Vce Book/Cd Complete

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The vocal workouts in this much-anticipated follow-up to Peckham s bestselling The Contemporary Singer are based on Berklee College of Music s highly effective vocal method. This volume will help vocalists develop thevoice through good vocal health, warm-up exercises, advanced techniques, stage performance advice and more. Includes acces to online audio for ultimate interactive education! Contains: Twenty-six exercisesfor warming up and developing your voice Basic and advanced workouts for high and low voices 2- and 3-part exercises for harmony practice Routines to help you organize your practice time according toyour level and schedule Includes online audio to support your workout, for all voice types: male/female and high/low Detailed descriptions and helpful tips for how to warm up and develop your voice, discussingbreath control, practice strategies, and specific technical advice for improving your control over vibrato, range and belting Essential advice for vocal study, voice maintenance and auditioning