9 Workouts That Will Slim Your Waist and Lose Belly Fat

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Though women all over the world have been struggling to lose belly fat for decades, it is still one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to getting in shape. And even if you have already gotten yourself together and found the perfect training program, suddenly chocolate starts looking irresistible or your best friend brings you a cupcake for no reason…

It might be really challenging to find time for yourself in this fast-paced world, so you need exercises that do not require any special equipment or years of practice. All you need is 4 minutes a day, and you’ll be on the road to a flat sculpted tummy in no time!

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Windshield wipers 0:17
Side jackknives 1:16
Starfish crunches 2:29
Triangle crunches 3:20
Heel touchers 4:19
Oblique V-crunches 5:07
Bend and kick 6:12
Standing cross-crunches 7:11

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– Windshield wipers are an awesome exercise when it comes to your obliques and lower abs. The tension you provide when doing slow and controlled reps while holding your legs up in the air gets those muscles working like nothing else, meaning a slim cinched-in waist and the toned abs of your dreams!
– Doing side jackknives makes your obliques burn! Just be sure to make your moves slow and controlled — doing it fast won’t get you closer to your destination. In fact, you risk damaging your muscles or tendons, so please be careful!
– Starfish crunches engage the core from all sides, making your belly perfectly sculpted all the way around. Just see that your lower back doesn’t feel strained — if it does, you’re doing something wrong.
– Triangle crunches are a real burner for your obliques. As you know, these muscles shape your waist, so the more you train them, the more sculpted your abs will look. Involving your hips will also help you in the long run because it improves your stamina, which is never a bad thing!
– Heel-touchers aren’t too intense, so they kinda serve as a nice little mid-workout break. But they do target your obliques and abs, so they’re definitely worth doing!
– Bend and kick exercise is also called “donkey kicks” and you can see why. Just really watch your form: your neck and back should be kept in a straight line. That way, you won’t strain any muscles. They seem easy enough, but donkey kicks can actually be quite dangerous if done incorrectly.
– Standing cross-crunches are a great finishing exercise that target your abs, obliques, and hip flexor muscles. You’ll get the fat just melting off your body with this set. And again, it’s not that hard to do once you learn the ropes. Just make sure to keep your core and glutes engaged – don’t do it all willy-nilly!

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Fancy Vizion says:

I'm going to start these exercises in the morning after memorial day.

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PeachyJoon says:

Does it work?

x_Milk_Tea__x says:

Im 119.7 pounds in the 6th grade idk what to do anymore i hope this helps

artemisxbow says:

Thanks for the workout videos! Going to follow the playlist 🙂

Dua Sagheer says:

Anyone did this and worked?

Fatie Nasshi says:

I can't tell how i miss a small waist and a flat tummy

Gabby Ponce says:

Does this work ?👀

Beznik says:

good warm up, was looking for some new ones thank you for uploading.

D Lish says:

These are not the best, at all. Just do Blogilates Extreme Abs 2. You can find it here on Youtube. Thank me later.

Yarin Shriki says:

who else is scrolling through the comments seeing if this really works

Calm and Aware! says:

I like the triangle crunches.

Uni Girl says:

I’ll come back in 40 days I’ll tell u guys if it works😇hey guys it's been like a month but it's say like 2 week tho u guys should try it but uay give up a lot of times try other videos too 😁 go watch GRABIElla White plz she I lost a little from her cause I didn't exercise much 😂

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stunned from love says:

Funny use a naturally toned and shapely body but not everyone is into acrobatics

Bianca Aldana says:

Thanks for the tips. I used this diet for 2 weeks => the2weekdietnow. com <= (G00GLE it)
and lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I recommend it 💖💖💕

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Reverse crunche

XxNekkoChanxX says:

5:20 … is that even physically possible?!😂💀

Jia Jerry says:

Please make these exercise videos with real person doing it


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