8 Best Exercises for Women to Get Slim Arms Fast

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Arm fat might be the cause for embarrassment and a loss of self-confidence for some people. If your stubborn flabby arms start to annoy you, then include dumbbell exercises in your workout routine! Using dumbbells is essential because they help tone your muscles, burn fat in different areas, and improve your stamina. All you need to do is choose the right weight and start.

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Dumbbell Shoulder Press 0:17
Overhead Triceps Extension 2:24
Bicep Curls 4:00
Tricep Dips 6:02
Dumbbell Kickback 7:42
Lateral Raises 9:20
Superman 11:25
Upright Rows 13:22

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– The dumbbell shoulder press is great for the deltoids, which are the main muscles in your shoulders. By the way, you can also do dumbbell shoulder presses while sitting down. Just be sure to watch your posture: keep your back straight and look straight ahead.
– Triceps stabilize your shoulder joints. As you do overhead triceps extension, your triceps become stronger, as well as your shoulders and elbows.
– Bicep curls are really easy to do, and they sculpt your biceps and build strength in your upper arm! If tricep exercises target the back of your arms, then ones that work the biceps hit the front part.
– Despite being a bit tough, tricep dips are one of the most effective ways to get beautiful arms and stronger triceps. Just be sure to keep your shoulders down while you’re lowering and raising your body. They shouldn’t crunch up towards your ears. And if the exercise feels too hard at first, you can bend your knees a little bit to make it easier.
– Dumbbell kickback targets the most visible part of the triceps, so it’s perfect for sculpting and toning the upper arms. Besides, it effectively trims body fat too!
– Lateral raises make your shoulders stronger, slimmer, and more toned. Besides, they increase shoulder mobility too! Just remember that this exercise can make your shoulders larger, so be careful not to overdo it if you don’t wanna look like a bodybuilder!
– The best thing about the Superman exercise is that it engages your whole body! It works not only your arms and shoulders, but also your spine, abs, legs, and buttocks. Oh, and one small tip: try to exhale when you lift your arms and legs and inhale when you lower them down.
– Upright rows are a cool workout for your back, shoulders, and arms. But there’s a very important thing you should remember while doing this exercise: when you lift the dumbbells, your elbows should be positioned above your shoulders, not at their level or below.

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Dumbbell Shoulder Press 0:17
Overhead Triceps Extension 2:24
Bicep Curls 4:00
Tricep Dips 6:02
Dumbbell Kickback 7:42
Lateral Raises 9:20
Superman 11:25
Upright Rows 13:22

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