5 Minute Tone Body Legs Workout, Fitness Training w/ Tammy

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Five min exercise routine to tone your legs for a great bikini body.
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5 Minute #Tone Body, Legs Workout
#FitnessTraining w/ Tammy

Five min #exercise routine to tone your legs for a great bikini body.

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jennifer thurstan says:

love these, I use every one of your video's to work out. thanks!!!

Reina Andino says:

Love these workout with Tammy. Fun to do, on my busy day.

Rakshit Balwanti says:

Get your butt to the ground when you squat Tammy! Ass to grass hehe

Doha Hegazy says:

excellent , thanks alot 🙂 

squ25 says:

I have a problem that detailed the left pelvis when performing these exercises sound like Crackling sounds when every movement with pain Ksah electricity

baconphyllis says:

Great job! Very helpful

nida dawud says:

Thank u Tammy

Alma MUY says:

i love your workout movement tammy 🙂 thanks a lot for your vidoe 🙂 awesome!!!! take care

Adil Ahmed says:

I'd like to add in my experience here…..these exercises are incredibly amazing especially the abs ones they are the one keep my tummy in all this while

Simon says:

that last one got me in the lower abdomen

Manmohan Singh says:

Very good job

Hala Eldosoky says:

The best exercises ever.👏🏼

Pablito Gayoso says:

Nice feet!!

Name Second name says:

Tammy is gorgeous

Paul Doyle says:

Is it wrong that this video gave me a stiffy?

Joanne Marincovich says:

Awesome workout, thank you!

PsycheTruth says:

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