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Hi guys! This 5 minute butt workout is the most effective way to lift and tone the glutes. This workout targets all the muscles in the glutes creating a lifted peachy booty.

It is the PERFECT workout to add on to the end of another butt workout on my channel for a extra booty burn, or totally effective for those days when you want a quick and effective workout. You could even repeat it a couple times through to get great results!

Hope you guys love this workout! If you did check out the other five minute workouts on my channel.

5 MIN INNER THIGHS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InSSJMuBgT8&t=2s

5 MIN THIGHS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJKxYWwn6cE

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Bails xx

J T says:

This was awesome!

Danielle Rosalie says:

This is one of my favorite workouts. 🙂

Victoria Hodgdon says:

Did it for a month I noticed my glutes are tighter ❤️

frog ies says:

Thank you , i love it.

ytwatcher 01 says:

my butt and my legs are BURNINGG!!!!!

Цветана Методиева says:

Hi Baley, i like this work and pls can you more of 5min. butt workout.

Serena Y says:

I definitely underestimated this 5 minute booty burn! My butt is on fire!

Helena Escapist says:

Loved it! Thank you so much! I used booty bands and I feel my butt so much now!

Lauren says:

Well, my buns burned

Sarah Vance says:

We were pulsing very high and well with correct form, and unfortunately we did not feel a thing or “the burn.”

Bailey Brown says:

I hope you loved this workout! If you want NEW full length workouts check out my online studio https://www.bbfit.co 💕