5 Min Tone Butt Workout 2, Fitness Training w/ Tammy

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Five min exercise routine to tone your butt for a great bikini body.
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5 Min Tone #Butt Workout 2, #FitnessTraining w/ Tammy

Five min exercise routine to tone your butt for a great #bikinibody.

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pragna purohit says:

Hi …when i' m doin.these exercs…mybhands becum numb…..coz of my body weight may be..wat can i do?

NightStar787 says:

This helps with your hip too right? I had a hip injury a few years ago that I haven't totally recovered from because I sometimes get a twinge in it whenever I apparently do something it doesn't like.

So would doing these help strengthen it and help it too? Or am I just basically risking injuring it again by doing this?

Ashley O'Brien says:

Omg pragna purohit!mine do too!glad I'm not the only one ..my hands and arms kill during this!

BridgesFam Vlogs says:

I need to tone up my butt, torso and arms in 2 months. What workouts do you suggest for me to do?

miss sweet says:

thank you so much i love it.

exery says:

Hi. I'm working your with you every day for 2 weeks now and my pants are becoming lose! I'm losing weight! This is great. Thank you so much

ForeverBella says:

Omg I'm dying, my butt hurts

Layla J says:

On leg day I do this a few times with extra weights on my ankles 🙂

Heather Foss says:

This video look like it will help my but out tied of it looking all giggly lol

James McGowan says:

you can not work out the same muscle 3 times a week this woman dose not no any thing of what she is talking a bout u need to give your but muscle time to heal because u are breaking down muscle tissue and u need to let it heal

Osasumwen Eweka says:

High Five Tammy it's Sasu I like this butt workout more than the other workouts.
But, I think your doing a great job with these workouts your the best I love you.

joroor جرور says:

thank you… you're the best

Sarah Elsayed says:

Thank you tamy
love from Egypt 😍

roro.ahmed007 Rere says:

You are so beautiful 😍

roro.ahmed007 Rere says:

انتي احسن مدربه

Kanzie Mohamed says:

Like it thank u