5 Best Exercises for Bigger Quads (NO LEG EXTENSIONS!)

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What’s going on guys! In today’s video, I’m gonna be showing you 5 of the best quad building exercises to build bigger, stronger legs!

🚀 5 Best Quad Exercises for Building Bigger Stronger Legs 👇

✅ Bulgarian Split Squat – you’ll want one foot back behind you, elevated on a bench with the other right in front of you. Grab weights if you want to make the exercises more difficult, but bodyweight is a good place to start if you’ve never done this movement before. When doing this movement, make sure your knee is NOT caving inward as this will cause unnecessary knee pain. Instead, focus on driving the knee outward.

✅ Barbell Front Squat – similar to the back squat, but instead you’ll have the bar in front of your body. This variation will place more weight on the front of your body which will be working your quads more. Things to focus on here is to drive your knees outward, keeping your back straight up and down, chest out and squeezing out the glutes at the top.

✅ Goblet Squats – you’ll want a kettlebell or a dumbbell for this movement. Grab your desired equipment, and hold the weight in front of your body at your chest and squat down with the weight in front of your body. This will emphasize your quads since the weight is in the front. Key takeaways here are to drive your knees outward, keep your back straight up and down, chest out and squeezing out the glutes at the top just like the front squat.

✅ Reverse Lunges – for this movement you can do bodyweight if you’re a beginner or add some weights if you are more advanced. For this example, I’ll be using dumbbells. Rather than stepping forward and doing a lunge – you’ll be stepping backwards and doing the lunge. Keep your knees driving outward, hip hinge like the Bulgarian split squat, back straight up and down, chest out for the whole movement.

✅ Close Stance Leg Press – for this variation you’ll want your feet closer together than a normal leg press. Toes should be slightly more vertical, and you should focus on squeezing with your quads. Instead of coming all the way down like a normal leg press, stop at about 90 degrees. Be sure to really focus on squeezing through your quads for this variation.

👇 Trying these exercises out? Drop a comment below and let me know what your favorite exercise is! Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos as well!

5 Best Exercises for Bigger Quads (NO LEG EXTENSIONS!)
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Valentina Dokic says:

Wish my gym was this empty at all hours of the day. Lol

Jose Luis Paz says:

I need it thanks VS

Люси Стаменов says:

It is so cool to have an exercise, named after your country.

Jim Lim says:

I use squats with resistance bands

Mina Ounchith says:

This is great! To add, my ballet teacher always said to "Keep your knees aligned with your middle toe," to prevent your knees from caving in. Which also helped translate into effective quad workouts. It helped me and I'm sure it can help anyone else looking to build quads.

nekita fogle says:

Great tips,will do these today. #notificationsquad

Ryan Yamba says:

Much obliged!

Marlon Marcos Martins says:

hello friend, good afternoon When I see you do the leg press exercise I remember now that I do this type of exercise and I was injured, I am in severe pain in the buttock, and the physiotherapist tells me that I have a PERIFORM problem in a muscle in the buttocks, I am doing other types of stretching to improve and be able to return to practice the muscles and return to doing the leg prees, do you think I should continue with the leg prees? doing it with less load? return to me please.

lionofgod9 says:

WHAT ABOUT HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMS ?????????????????????????????????????????

AJVHunter says:


T Magsino says:

I thought locking your knees during a leg press is absolutely a no go?

Giant707900blk says:

Maybe some more abb workouts to ?

Elizabeth Jimenez says:

Thanks for the tips!!

demigodlike says:

Hey everybody..do LEG EXTENSIONS

engku hafiy says:

before starting this, 5min active walking treadmill??

Kurt Rickerd says:

8:50 Ugh! I've been doing reverse lunges all wrong!

Loveng Briian says:

Leg extensions have their place , I do light one leggers , 25 reps

M M says:

That lighting makes you look extra buff. Thanks for the healthy joint excercises.