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4min Home LOWER ABS Workout (GET YOUR LOWER ABS TO SHOW!!). Are you looking for an intense, at-home lower ab workout routine to help to get those lower abs to pop? You’ve come to the right place! In today’s video we’ll be going through 6 intense lower abdominal targeting exercises for 30 seconds each. Try and repeat this workout for 2-3 rounds for maximal results. Remember; if you really want to get those lower abs to show, you’ll see significant success from lowering overall body fat. This can be best addressed with your diet; more specifically with a calorie deficit to lose that stubborn fat. Good luck with the routine and let me know how many rounds you were able to complete!

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About BarbarianBody:
Here at BarbarianBody, Tanner Wideman (owner and creator) uploads FREE fitness content on YouTube for guys who are looking to build muscle, lose fat, increase strength, and get their six pack abs to show! We focus on uploading Gym Workouts, Dumbbell Workouts, Home Workouts, Diet Advice, How-To’s and Motivational Content.

Tanner Wideman is a 25 year old, Canadian creator who uploads 2 new videos per week. With a focus on simplistic, science-based, straight-to-the-point, and entertaining fitness content. You can learn new chest workouts, ab workouts, dumbbell workouts, how to get bigger shoulders and how to get your abs to show!

Here at BarbarianBody, we’ll focus on showing you the BEST tips for the FASTEST results in regards to building muscle mass, and losing fat!

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Barbarian Body

FourMad says:

Did over 3 my dude

Rowan says:

Does it mean that I am in good shape if I did this 2 times?(13 yrsold)

Han Jung Suh says:

You are super duper hottt… 🔥

charlie mack says:

Dude stop exercising and get a job so you can furnish your home👀😂🥃


Fuk me that burned n im pretty fit. Did x2 this time n took exact breaks as you on my 2nd round. I will try x3 next time but i doubt the quality will be there haha. Cheers as its nice to try something other than T25 altho i love that shit !

Michael Sweeny says:

A fantastic and quick work out man. Massively motivational too! Keep it up bro.

TheMemeMaker 5555 says:

thank you soo much im currently 14 and im sweating already

XE FIREZ says:

2 rounds for me👍🏼

Katrina Wms says:

So happy I found this video. U definitely feel the fire in the pit of your abs. I also use kinetic resistant bands while doing this which is probably why the burn is extra intensified. This lady will have some cute abs for the beach thanks to this workout!

MultiMangaGuy says:

i do about 50 leg lift while laying on my back and 50 sits up each day and my stomach is slowly but surely shrinking 😀

yuuue says:

Ive had a hard time getting a real burn in my abs but this just gets it. Doing one round a day and 3 rounds when im at the gym every other day

Sir Peechyness says:

I've been following programs like this for a while (althean-X) and your other videos on this, I have started a caloric deficit, but I'm still not getting the best results

Tim Kafka says:

Forget abbs look at those quads!! O.o

Ahmed Alaali says:

3 rounds on my first go!

Ghost says:

Never seen mountain climbers like that before. Seems even better than the classic form

Ghettodi nixoh says:

1st round fuck me im dead!!
2nd round totally Out of breath deader than dead…
3rd round i dont wannt annymore but forcing myself… Im K.O.
Hate the Last exersice 😲😵😵

Simon Smith says:

Just done this ab workout. Wow! Really gets your abs burning. I had to stop in exactly the same places as you! Thanks for this vid. Will be doing this one regularly.

BarbarianBody says:

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