4-Minute Workout for Toned Belly and Buttocks

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We all want to be in perfect shape when summer’s coming. And now we only have a few days left to build the body of our dreams using some reliable exercises. Do you have 4 free minutes a day? You ready to get rid of that spare tire and saddlebags in just a month? Here are the only exercises you need to get a perfectly toned belly and bum!

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Plank 0:26

Side Plank 1:39

Reverse Push-ups 2:53

Upper-body Raises 4:07

Some other cool tips 5:21

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– The muscle mass and strength that you get from planking regularly enhance your resting metabolic heart rate, helping you burn tons of calories even when you’re not working out! Your belly gets its dose of benefits too – planking works out all four muscle groups in your stomach, making it look flat, cinched in, and fantastic!
– For the first week of your training, a 20-second plank will be enough. Increase it up to 30 seconds for week two. In the third week, you should be able to hold a 45-second plank, and week four challenges you to a full 1-minute plank.
– The side plank doesn’t just target your obliques, which are the muscles on your sides where muffin top likes to gather! It also works your buttocks, arms, and legs. Not to mention, doing side planks regularly improves your sense of balance.
– The side plank duration should be the same as for regular planks: 20 seconds for week one, 30 seconds in week two, 45 seconds for week three, and 1 minute in week four.
– Reverse push-ups are irreplaceable for toning your buttocks and abs. These muscles work to keep your balance during every single rep. Needless to say, this exercise gives your abdominals awesome definition very quickly.
– Do 3 reverse push-ups in week one. The goal for week two is 5, week three aims for 7 reps, and at the end of the month you should be able to do 10 full-fledged reverse push-ups to really challenge your body and lock in those results!
– Raising your upper-body kills two birds with one stone: it works out both your abdominals and buttocks, allowing you to get a perfectly toned belly and bum within weeks without any particular effort. Plus, this exercise benefits your shoulders, legs, and back too!
– Again, the repetitions are the same – 3 for week one, 5 for week two, 7 for week three, and 10 for week four.
– Make yourself some lemon water. This is a perfect before-breakfast drink that wakes up your digestive system. Sipping it throughout the day is also a great idea since it can quickly reduce any inflammation and keep your calorie intake in check.
– Snack on almonds. Just like dark chocolate, they contain monosaturated fats that help you get slimmer. Don’t go too crazy with it, though – having about 20-25 almonds daily is more than enough to get all those awesome vitamins and nutrients.

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