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sbso s says:

Thank you so much for sharing ! You are wonderful;)

Karla Suazo says:

thanks for this awesome video

L C says:

awesome video much better than the other weak videos that came up, you were going to work girl!

Kayleigh Chevalier says:

I know that you can get solutions for that on Unflexal workouts :)))

Chea Ngov says:

Love all the exercise you did can't wait to show to my fiancé…..love it love it

Meg M says:

FINALLY a girl with a normal looking toned booty and not some goofy fake looking bulging thing purtruding out of their backside! LMAO! What's up with all these girls wanting an abnormally giant ass?! It looks funny💩 No offence.

Sherr Johnson says:

This is exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks!

Daniela velasquez says:

Title should've been "at home workouts"

I am milan says:

Still one of my favourite videos

Михаил Кузьминов says:

Do it at home and everything will turn out. (TRX) http://ali.pub/1xbz8i


I love it. Just one thing, I m from Spain, could you speak mor slowy, please? Thanks

sweet_goyangi says:

my ass muscles hurt when i watch this

Queen S says:

Ass is still flat

cwgumby says:


Heybella says:

Badass! Can't wait to try

xu caroline says:

You didn’t squeeze ur butt when u do this.

Giorgi Evgenidze says:

who the hell asked her about her but? its the worst i have seen