15 BEST Exercises for The Booty

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Who doesn’t want a better booty? Strong glutes are not only asthetically pleasing, but they improve your overall performance (for running, biking & other types of sports) as well as prevent injury – especially for all of us out there who sit at a desk in the office all day!

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It’s time to get up off our butts, activate the glutes and put them to good work! Here are 15 of the best moves that you can do for your butt! Bonus? You don’t need any equipment, you can totally use your own body weight. However, if you want to kick it up a notch, add some weights in the mix! Cheer to toning a better butt, improving performance & reducing injury with stronger glutes!

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Maria V says:

Another 15 bootymoves please. Need inspiration.

Saba Yousefi says:

Hey +Runtastic Fitness 🙂 Thanks so much for all your videos! SUPERHELPFULL! seriously!  
just a quick question, I try to work out like 3,4 times a week but I really want to lose weight in my booty and thigh , in my case do I have to work on all these stuff or you think there's another way to lose weight in that part of my body?
cuz I just wonder if I do these, that makes my booty bigger! :l

  Thanks. Saba

kamel bouafia says:

very very good super cool

Jennifer Baker says:

Awesome! I did each exercise for a minute followed by your ABS PART 1,2 and 3! Great workout and I am feeling it!