10 Minute Model Ab Routine | Model Workouts | Sanne Vloet

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Hi Guys,

Welcome back! So today I am sharing my perfect “10 Minute Ab Workout”. Believe me this will fire up all your stomach muscles and you are going to FEEL it today… and tomorrow too. I try to do this workout every day in addition to my full body workout or just in the morning if I don’t have that much time.

We will do each exercise for:

-50 Seconds with a 10 second break in between (short breaks)

-10 Sets in total

-Every motion is quite slow this way you will feel the burn even more


XXX Sanne

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lisa says:

I will try this workout everyday (i would say for about 1 month) and I say to you guys the results everyday.

Day 1: I had to rest a lot, cause I‘m very weak and not sporty at all, so first day was a little flop 🙁 but next update tomorrow, hopefully with better results 😉

Zuzia Nadulna says:

Cool workout. I did all 💪

Sayedna Hussain says:

Excellent hard working exercises

jessie jin says:


Susan Gonzales says:

Sanne in one of you 2018 video you mentioned you gave your fan your po box so we can write. In what video so I can get your mailing address

liya Mjebeza says:

Pls do a cardio routine

Kt Lyn says:

Sincerely it looks easy but I just can do them for like 10 seconds 🙂

Leslie Vela Gonzalez says:

Ufff, was hard. I love your videos

Anna Dolečková says:

Thank you very much for these videos. The difficulty is exactly how i like. Its great quick workout:D Love you so much, you are extremely sweet and I appreciate that with your busy life and work you still are on youtube and you show us what your life is<3

Princess Sirenity says:

I find these workouts so helpful, thank you Sanne. If anyone can advise how many calories these workouts maybe burning for my fitness pal tracker that would be lovely. Merci ✨🙏

Dimitra Threpsiadi says:

Pls can you make a butt workout?

Лиза Ткаченко says:

Thank you so much ☺️😘

Zoe 1 says:

The smile at the end. Yep that’s the “that’s why I’m a model and you’re not” smile 😁😂💕

Jacks Wife says:

Finally an ab workout that I’m not straining my neck trying to hold it up during each exercise!

Laurence St-Gelais says:

Hi Sanne! I love this ab workout and I’ve been doing it since one month ago and I want to know how often you do this workout per week?

jessie jin says:

Really great sharing. Love it n keep it up. Thanks Sanne.

may levi says:

She makes it look sooo easyyy omggg

Салтанат Насырова says:

It's so cool

Kris jason says:

I have been following all your workouts videos and cooking videos since day 1.. Ur workouts are amazing wow.. !!! Love you 👌👏.. upload more .. Sanne . !!
I am waiting !!👍👏👏😊😊

Liz :D says:

Why do i feel everything on the arms when i'm doing plank? Like i should feel something on the abs but my arms are burning

劉楚涵 says:

OMG the background is so beautiful for working out 😍😍

Novita Sari says:

This workout is already my favorite for a year

Lol Emoji says:

For everyone asking, her legs are slim because they’re long.
So sorry to say, but if you’re on the shorter side, it’s harder to get slim legs.

Hazel Nut says:

I wished I 'd look like you 😭 you've got a perfect shape 😍😫

Audrey Chan says:

I get u so mixed up with Sanne Vander cuz she also does workout vids and she’s also a model ! Go check her out her thigh gap vid works !