10 MIN INNER THIGH Model Workout | Tone & Tighten without Equipment | Sanne Vloet

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10 Min INNER THIGH Model Workout | Tone Your Thighs & Tighten Your Legs without Equipment, Exercises For A Thigh Gap, & What I Do To Prepare For Swimwear Shoots | Sanne Vloet

Hey Guys!

First workout video of the year! Have you guys done any of my other ones and if you have which one was your favorite? So this is my favorite thigh workout for when I don’t feel like using any equipment. I do this before swimwear shoots to tighten up my legs and really tone my thighs. If you do this consistently like I do it will become easier, but you will still feel the burn!

I’ve asked you guys questions about wellness, goals, and what give us all inspiration, but today I want to know what being fit feels like to you. Some of us may just be starting our fitness journey and others have been pursuing their fitness goals for some time, but all of us have different ideas of what living a physically fit life is. So today please share your ideas and thoughts and we can hopefully start a little discussion about it.

To me working out is not about looking like you are in shape. I love working out because I feel stronger, balanced, and it really does elevate my mood. Do you have the same feeling after working out? I notice that if I am consistent with my training my posture changes, I feel more confidence, I FEEL STRONG!

You guys asked for an inner thigh video so here it is… finally! This workout is great to do in combination with my 10 minute Abb workout (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Stxo374wwg&t=341s) or 15 Minute Butt Workout (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CKRMiXWvnQ&t=2s). Have you tried them yet?

Once you get the hang of this one you can add an ankle weight to make it tougher. To any newcomers to the channel, I hope you join us by subscribing. If your are new to the channel let me know where you’re from and what brought you here our little wellness focused community. I”ll make sure to respond to as many of you as I can today!



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tastybunsss says:

it’s kind of amazing how models look slim and fragile but they can go through a freaking 2hr workout almost everyday without flinching… i feel like a wrinkled wet bread when i get off my bed 😔 unfit lazy teen tingz

Honey xoxo says:

Wow perfect workout😘I'm definitely gonna have muscle pain tomorrow

chariots8x says:

The workout looks good but I really wish you said the name of the each exercise when it came up. I can memorize the exercises and follow along when I hear the name but I find it difficult to follow without any spoken cues. I'm using my phone to watch this workout, which has a very small screen. Unfortunately, I don't have a big screen TV in my room, so I have to use my phone. I find it difficult to follow this workout and constantly have to turn my head to look at my phone screen. Please consider saying the name of each exercise when it comes up. This would make it so much easier to focus on the workout instead of my phone. Thank you! I appreciate that you are sharing workouts with us that actually have very good exercises in them.

Cryinq Suqar says:

I've tried to do this but I don't see any difference…

nur syafiqah says:

me watching your early seconds: omg her legs are soo long

The_3708 says:

I use to struggle with this.
Done this for months, and my legs are definitely tightening and I can see a bit of shape. (Thigh gap too)
You're very beautiful by the way!

No twice No life says:

I want to be tall😭😭😭

yam falach says:

6:30 How does that works on the inner thigh?

Odalys 0 says:

Would this work to close a thigh gap?

bell Ina says:

Your legs😳 how tall are you?

Sophia Lou says:

does this work guysss

A J says:

Videography in this video is amazing ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧

Lil G says:

They tried to put me on the cover of Vogue but my legs were tooooooo long

Nopi says:

I felt it more in my calves than my inner thighs with the high leg raises.. maybe I didn’t do it right? Also, the order of the exercises didn’t make sense to me sometimes but holy damn your legs.. My legs are sort of like yours but I’m so short so it’s not the same with my short ass legs lolol

JiMiNs HoE says:

This girl is entirely legs like 😳

ranveer mishra says:

Is it a figure or a structre..

AbbieLynetteG says:

Human praying mantis

Angle Hoy Kay Yip says:

Thanks for your video❤️ It is really helpful. I can see the result very fast. Although I had already done this workout for around five days but I can see my thighs and calves become slimmer💕

RI pronounced REE says:

If only I was that tall. I’m only 5 ft tall…..welp

ramya chintala says:

love your workouts because they're slow and easy to follow, but very effective! thank youuu

Adore Dark says:

I feel so short-

Vlntn_ Clemmings says:

this is the best description of the exercises i could come up with, if you've been looking for it:


legs wide + sit 50' (like a sumo squat almost i think)

standing right leg extensions 50'

standing left leg extensions 50'

laying on the left side:

left leg lifts 50'

left leg circles 50'

laying on the right side:

left arm and leg meet in the middle 50'
(leg lifts)
left leg semi circles, heel-toes 50'

laying on the right side:

right leg lifts 50'

right leg circles 50'

laying on the left side:

right arm and leg meet in the middle 50'
(leg lifts)
right leg semi circles, heel-toes 50'

Irène says:

How often do you do this workout in a week?

Alexis Duma says:

She makes me feel short!
Anyone else or is it just me?!?

Chinyere Bomte says:

Her legs are soo long, WOW it’s soo cool 😯✅