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Here’s a home workout that will take you just 10 min to do that will make you feel as if you’ve been training for an hour. The key to workout effectiveness is intensity. I say it all the time, you can train hard or you can train long but you can’t do both. In this video, I’m going to show you a 10 minute home workout that requires no equipment at all and will give you an incredible conditioning effect.

The key to the success of this home workout is its simplicity. Simple however does not mean easy. What I’m referring to is that the complexity of the exercises themselves (both in the number of them and the mechanics and coordination required to perform them) is not difficult. The ability to perform the workout without a high effort however is not possible. You need to be committed to working if you want to see the results from this.

What I have done is make sure that we are meeting the minimum requirements of training like an athlete in this workout. That means, that we want to make sure we are training in all three planes. Too often, our weight training focuses on performing movements that exist almost solely in the sagittal plane. Without training or moving in the all important frontal and transverse planes as well, we are not training athletically and are setting ourselves up for developing muscular and strength imbalances.

The key to this workout is that it is something that you can do anywhere, without any equipment at all.

Each of the three exercises in this home workout are to be performed for one minute straight. Choose the ability level that most accurately matches with yours. You can do this at the beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

The three main exercises in the workout have a variation for each level. Mostly, the differences in the exercise variations are determined by the speed at which you perform the exercise. For instance, in the case of the mountain climber, beginners can deliberately step into each rep while the most advanced can sprint through the reps.

The goal is to complete 3 straight minutes of work at a level that challenges you the most. It is ok if you want to vary the ability levels across the three exercises in this home workout. For instance, you may be great at mountain climbers and want to do them at more of an intermediate or advanced level but have a hard time with the kickthroughs because your current training has led to weakness in the transverse plane, and therefore want to do this at a more beginner level. Whatever you do, choose the levels that challenge you the most.

At the end of each round of the three movements you will earn a 30 second rest. Repeat for two more rounds with another brief bout of rest in between the second and third. This will result in a total workout time of 10 minutes.

Try this with your friends and see who can last longer. Again, this is a simple workout but by no means is it easy. I’m expecting that your heart will be pumping and you will be sweating by the time these 10 minutes are over. It shows you once again that you don’t have to train for a long time if you want to see results. You just have to be willing to put up a good effort.

Recapping, the exercises in this workout are as follows:

Minutes 1, 4, and 7 – Mountain Climbers with beginner, intermediate and advanced modifications.
Minutes 2, 5, and 8 – Skier Hops with beginner, intermediate and advanced modifications.
Minutes 3, 6, and 9 – Side Kickthroughs with beginner, intermediate and advanced modifications.

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Nick Lutz says:

Can you make or give more info on body weight workouts for the people who don't have equipment to use?

miniimufin says:

I always wondered why anyone would just stand at the gym pumping iron without doing functional training😪

Alek Bennett says:

Those track pants look 👌 on you.

Henry Gobblesag says:

Can you make a video for those who work in the medical field/hospitals? How we can avoid back pain and injury?


lookin' really good right now

Juan José Suaya says:

Can you please make a video on which protein powder to look for so it is not spiked?

Chiin Hoih says:

Jeff does black mole stun musc
le growth

Cry0 P. Hage says:

Jeff is to me what Sylvester Stallone is to him.

† Armitage Soulshroude † says:

I'd call this video a "Warm UP". All of these exercises are literally during a warm up as tradition permits, or allows.

Shannon Pereira says:

Can you do a video talking about post-workout stretching to aid in muscle recovery?

Allan Valin says:

Whaaat, the second exercise is basically the standard idle movements of the "Capoeira" brazilian fight/dance lol

Brandyn Shroyer says:

The best channel on YouTube 👍🏻 you have given me so many useful tips. I hear your voice in my head when I’m at the gym and it keeps me focused. Haha

AJG GAR says:

A W E S O M E ! ! !

J.Nazzron says:

video : 10 MIN WORKOUT
video duration : 6 facking minutes
Jeff is faster than time !

Mateusz Obodziński says:

unfortunetely there is a bitch in this world yo got to smoke youtube.com/watch?v=d8me_9qK9uA

Churchboy says:

Great work my dude, as always. I've been going through lots of muscle spasms in my back and in my glutes..!! Do you have any suggestions for me!!??? Keep up the great work.

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