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Hola Fit Familia!
Welcome Back to another glute video! I’ve been a little lost, BUT I’ll be back to uploading more videos 🙂 Los quiero mucho!!!
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Booty Camp Vol. 3

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4 sets of 10 reps
*Glute Activations*
-Fire Hydrants
-Kick Highs
2 sets of 15

-Donkey Kickbacks
-Close stance Deadlifts
-Sumo Deadlifts
-Single Leg Deadlifts
-Sumo Squats

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Vanessa Flores says:

Finally, a youtube fitness woman that is just like myself, same skinny issue, same diet, and same goal, just a bigger butt 😁 gonna try following every one of your videos from the beginning to see if what you did will really help me💜

Barbara Rubio says:

Hermosa estaría super si me respondes cuántos días a las semana debo entrenar gluteos? 🙏💕💕💕 amooo tus videos

Ruth Perez says:

Hi Diana! Love all your videos <3
Question: Could doing 10 minutes on the stationary bike work as a glute warm up?

Vardas pavarde says:

Sexy really appreciate knowledge and the hard work you done to look this way

Yesabel Criollo says:

It’s so hard for me to gain weight on my legs 😩 but I gain quickly under my arms/face/stomach.. I want to gain my booty but same time lose my stomach and arms lol any advice on what I should do ?

When I do work out my glutes I tend to lose instead of gain there 🤔

Isabele Salazar says:

When you do your deadlifts, you’re knees are too straight. To anyone that want to follow this workout, just make sure you aren’t locking your knees, bend slightly

Lesly Cruz says:

Hola hermosa, en donde compraste tus leggings? Porfa contestame saludos 😘

Mastu Rbate says:

How is your LA Fitness so empty!!? Mine is always packed! Is there specific hours its more empty?

sun&moon says:

Just discovered your channel and it blew my mind. These routines are just amazing!!! Never seen before. Seem so fun and efective. Cant wait to do this at the gym! Xx thanks!!!!!!!

Manuel Mulero says:

A true motivator thanks for keeping me focused and motivated in my training! If you ever have time would truly appreciate your insight not sure if you answer many questions through here:)

Joseline Ramirez says:

as un video de how to get long hair 😻

María José Ramírez says:

La mejor rutina! 😍